New River Baptist Association
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Connecting Churches, Changing the World

Associational Ministries

Baptist Education Center
A Distinctive Christian Preschool Program
See the
Baptist Education Center page for more information.

 Baptist Men Ministries

 • Baptist Men & RA/Challenger Events

 • Ministry in Crisis     

    Disaster Recovery and relief

 • Promoting, Helping 


  • Coordinate Global Partnerships   

Military Ministries

• Networking with Chaplains

• Ministry to Singles

• Supporting Families of Deployed Spouses

 Multicultural Ministries

• Filipino

• Hispanic

• Japanese

• Korean

Japanese Ministry

• Worship

• Evangelism

• Discipleship

• Intensive Bible Study

Outreach - Reaching the Unchurched

  •      Developing Growth Strategies in Evangelism &           Missions

  •     Assisting churches with revitalization for more          effective ministry

  •     Missions Education and Promotion

  •     Planting churches

 Senior Adult Ministry

• Annual Myrtle Beach trip in December

Celebrate Recovery

  • Meets every Friday night at the E.J Hines Baptist Center

  • 12 Step recovery celebration program based on the beatitudes in Matthew 5

  • Free meal at 6:00 pm before meeting    

Please Pray for Our Troops and Missionaries Around the World.
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